Weddings In Austin Texas

There are so many factors which go into planning your wedding day. A limousine is just one small part of it, should you choose to hire luxury transportation for your big day. However we'd like to make your job of planning your wedding a bit easier by giving you some great information you can use as a reference point against all of the other conglomeration of wedding information out there these days. In compiling this guide, we've asked some industry experts and even relied upon our own experiences to this regard because, well, we do have some experience with weddings here in town.

The first thing you want to do, is to be sure you're true to yourself when planning your wedding. You want to be sure that each aspect you choose is a true reflection on your collective personality as a couple.

Choosing your wedding and reception venue is perhaps the single most important reflection on the flavor of your wedding, so to speak. Whether you choose a local park, a nice remote woodsy location, or the church you attend every week, where you choose to have your wedding is a statement of who you are and will lend to the mood of the day, without question. Sometimes affordability is a factor, oftentimes the date is also a factor. So, before you hammer out a date, be sure you pick a crop of locations to suit your needs the best and then go and find out when they'll be available for your big day.

Once you have those major details figured out (the date and locations) it's time to get down to the nitty gritty and start to figure out your budget for the remaining wedding necessities. You'll need to figure out what kind of decor you'll have (flowers), whether or not you're going to want video (videographers), or just photos (photographers), you'll want to figure out what kind of cuisine you're going go serve (caterers) as well as what kind of entertainment you're going to want to include to keep your guests engaged (wedding band or D.J.). There are also other factors leading up to the wedding which are important... you're going to want to figure out what style invitations you're going to send to the people you'd like to invite, as well as figuring out whether or not you and your significant other will want engagement photos to include in your invites. Then, there's the bride & bridal parties dresses to consider, as well as what the groom and groomsmen will be wearing.

This is just a quick overview, in the days to come, we'll be adding onto our wedding guide to provide more comprehensive information as well as some great vendors to check out while you're in the planning stages. One important tip, be sure you're getting your information from multiple sources, and subsequently figure out which will ultimately work out the best for you and your wedding!